Finally, that time has come.
Miraculous Cherry Tomato Juice

Blissful taste, luxury to drink

OSMIC TOMATO Juice first

Its sugar content is 15 degrees or more.

No additives such as sugar, salt and even a drop of water.
It's produced totally by skilled craftsmen.


We'd like to be "special" in everything

We also paid particular attention to its bottle and packaging to match well its taste. Its gorgeous design of black and gold would give you a feeling of surprise that you can't imagine it as a tomato juice. How about making it as an award for yourself or a special gift?
Please taste it well with a special glass.


Item Name : OSMIC TOMATO Juice first 720ml

Item No. : tj-fst-1

Unit Price (tax-included) ¥ 10,800

Unit Price (without tax) ¥ 10,000

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